BayBridgeDigital deploys Snowflake Data Pipeline to unlock the full potential of your data
In today's data-driven landscape, we should focus on how to build an efficient data pipeline. Utilizing platforms such as Snowflake is essential for managing vast datasets seamlessly. From the raw data ingested to a consumable data format, Snowflake offers a scalable platform for constructing both batch and streaming data pipelines.
BayBridgeDigital enlarges its footprint on Analytics and AI with Databricks
BaybridgeDigital has unveiled a strategic collaboration with Databricks, a unified data analytics platform, to enhance our capabilities in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Databricks offers a cloud-native platform enabling enterprises to develop, scale, and oversee data and AI initiatives, encompassing various machine learning models and generative AI (LLM). Through this partnership, organizations can effortlessly integrate Data Cloud data with external data through the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, ensuring optimal data security and governance.
Index 2024 sur l'égalité professionnelle entre femmes & hommes
BayBridgeDigital publie son index portant sur l’égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes.
Harnessing the Power of Salesforce Data Cloud
In the approach of streamlining and fostering customer personalized relationships, companies have to go through a paramount milestone : building a 360° customer view. Customer Data Platform (CDP) aims at helping to gather data sets from all sources, process and release actionable customers data.
Salesforce World Tour Paris ‘24 - SUMMARY
We're thrilled to dive into the Salesforce World Tour 2024. For those who experienced the event first-hand, we hope it was as enlightening as it was engaging. And for our readers who couldn't make it, fear not—we're here to bring all the key highlights and transformative insights right to you.
10 ways to check if a website is legitimate
Embarking on an online shopping journey can be both exciting and convenient, but ensuring your safety and security is paramount. In this article, we delve into the importance of verifying the authenticity of e-commerce brand websites. Discover essential steps to confirm that you're navigating the official website of your chosen brand, guaranteeing a trustworthy shopping experience.
What does your data maturity level say about your organization?
The data maturity levels of an organization heavily impacts the type of data transformation projects they should embark on. BayBridgeDigital delivers a data maturity assessment for all clients that helps better understand their current state or “as is” situation and provide recommendations on how to enhance their data situation.
Why embark on a Data Transformation project?
Data cloud platforms are transforming how businesses manage data, offering a global network that connects organizations to critical data and applications.
Accelerating the digitalization of retail banking
When most retail banks are placing the scaling of their network at the heart of their strategy, the digitalization of banking purchases is fundamental to the transformation of retail banking.
Index sur l'égalité professionnelle entre femmes & hommes
BayBridgeDigital publie son index portant sur l’égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes.
Mulesoft, accelerator of digital transformation
MuleSoft provides digital transformation software for customers looking to deploy new business functionalities in a short time.
Gender equality in the workplace index
BayBridgeDigital publishes its gender equality index.
100 Bold Talents: Join BayBridgeDigital and Be Part of Something Extraordinary in 2024!
In 2024, we're taking things to a whole new level. We're opening our doors to 100 exceptional talents who share our vision for the future and are ready to embark on a thrilling journey with us.
BayBridgeDigital, The Leading Salesforce Pure-Player, Expands Its Footprint In The Middle East And Its Salesforce Partnership Globally
BayBridgeDigital, a global leader in Salesforce-based solutions, has announced its expansion in the Middle East with the opening of a new regional office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
BayBridgeDigital Announces a Strategic Partnership with Databricks to Strengthen Its AI Practice
BayBridgeDigital announces a strategic partnership with Databricks to enhance its dedicated artificial intelligence practice.
BayBridgeDigital: Setting the Standard for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Future of Work
We are proud to announce our unwavering dedication to CSR and the innovative initiatives that make us a leader in our field.
BayBridgeDigital Expands Partnership With Snowflake To Turn Data Into Insights For Salesforce Customers
Expanded partnership will bring the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud to Salesforce customers
AI and Patient Centricity
How technology is reshaping life science and healthcare Industry?
10 Retails Trends for 2021 and the New Decade
We compiled the top 10 retail trends and forecasts for 2021 that every retail enterprise should consider for sustained success.
Net Zero Cloud Integration
During Dreamforce, Salesforce introduced Net Zero Marketplace, a trusted platform that makes carbon credit purchases simple and transparent, allowing organizations to accelerate climate- positive impact at scale.
Holiday Shopping Season in the New Normal
During the 2020 holiday season, shopper behaviors are predicted to change dramatically. Many shoppers have already begun their holiday shopping and big businesses started rolling out key holiday deals in October in an effort to meet those demands.
NRF 2021 Report
2021 marked the 110th year gathering of the National Retail Federation (NRF). Discover the full report of the event with the latest retail trends and forecast.
Beauty Tech
The beauty industry’s post COVID-19 will be highly impacted with beauty tech. From Saving Brick and mortar, to digital based engament and many more.
The Future of Unified Commerce
The retail industry is one of the most dynamic, forward-thinking industries. With unified commerce being a key part of it.
Reimagining Stores in the Next Normal
Let's share the vision of the future trends that may disrupt apparel and specialty retail after the crisis and the strategic imperatives that will allow them to thrive in the «next normal»
Retail: The New Normal
The future of retail is changing, with new modes of consumption, new trends, some of which will disappear and others which will forge new retail models.
Top 12 Retail Tech Trends to Watch for 2022
As such, retailers have to look hard at the retail tech trends for 2022 if they want to steer their companies through this drastically altered world of commerce. It’s shape up or shape out time. In this article we have included some of the top tech trends retailers should consider for the upcoming year.
Unified Commerce CRM & Clienteling Solutions
An In-Depth Market Analysis on CRM & Clienteling Solutions 2021.
Top 20 Retail Trends 2020
As technology continues to evolve at the speed of lightning, consumer behavior is also changing at the same pace. The modern consumer is tech-savvy and more connected than ever before, which has forced retailers to go digital so that they remain relevant.
VivaTech 2021 Report
The world’s rendez-vous for startups & leaders was particularly impressive this year with plenty of innovations and smart technologies. The BayBridgeDigital team did not miss this opportunity and has brought back an array of delights from this fantastic feast of the future !
22 Healthcare Trends for 2022
With 2022 just around the corner, here are the top 22 trends showing how tech will transform the Healthcare industry.
Will AI retail solutions replace in-store associates?
While many people are worried that artificial intelligence will replace professionals, BayBridgeDigital believes that it will actually enhance them.