MuleSoft provides digital transformation software for customers looking to deploy new business functionalities in a short time.




Visualizing the additional steps required to correct costly and time-consuming data errors.

According to Harvard Business Review, poor data quality costs American companies annually $3 trillion. An approach of integration and digital transformation is a means of improving this data quality through better integration of application and organizational silos.

This is why Daniel Newman, principal analyst at Futurum Research and CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, predicts an explosion of projects around the Customer Data Platform and thus topics of API governance. In this article, we will present 3 use cases of the solution that can accelerate a digital transformation approach.


The digital transformation of a company often involves the redesign, decommissioning, replacement, or cloudification of so-called legacy systems and applications. Whether they remain on-premise or are moved to the cloud, modernizing these workloads requires migrating often significant volumes of data.

Implementing automated migration processes with Mulesoft allows for time savings and significant budget savings for digital transformation projects. Moreover, Mulesoft's protocol mediation capabilities enable the reusability of integrations and APIs.

Finally, an integration developed with Mulesoft as part of a migration, thus in the form of a System-API, can be reused in the construction of a process-API, thereby freeing up core IT investments for digital transformation.


Mulesoft introduced the concept of an Application Network. An Application Network supports governance needs, discovery, consumption capacity, and reusability to enable organizations to easily compose high-value-added solutions by orchestrating existing APIs, defining new APIs, and recomposing existing solutions.

For this, Mulesoft relies on a three-tier concept. This three-level model helps structure the digital transformation approach of the company and, ultimately, co-construct with the organization's ecosystem a digital transformation not only limited to the company. The first level is called System-API.

These are APIs that more or less directly expose the application services of the IT system. These System-APIs notably allow for the rapid integration of Systems Of Records into the digital transformation process.

At the second level, the Process-APIs are exposed. These APIs orchestrate the System-APIs to design and expose autonomous parts of the company's business processes. These Process-APIs have a strong reusability capacity thanks to their loose coupling to applications.


Finally, at the third level, the company will expose Experience-APIs. An Experience-API offers the ecosystem the ability to autonomously interact with a company's complete service offering.

The orchestration of Experience-APIs between organizations also allows for offering services across to partners.

For example, an Experience-API could support the entire supply chain from subcontracted manufacturing by one actor to the delivery of goods by another actor.

Mulesoft's reusability and orchestration capabilities make it a strong accelerator for projects involving multiple and heterogeneous IT systems. Moreover, Mulesoft's integrated security, authentication, and load limiting functionalities prevent any risk of overloading the connected IT systems.


Agility has become a mandatory prerequisite for all organizations. This involves being agile in response to fluctuations in the economic environment, which can be significant, as well as agile in response to the rapid evolution of customer and partner requirements. Finally, organizations, and especially their IT systems, must be agile in response to rapid technological changes and the need to quickly integrate new solutions.

The capabilities for protocol mediation, reusability, and the speed of implementation of the Mulesoft platform enable companies to quickly adapt to changes in their environment and to respond positively to the requirements of their partners.

With its iPaaS DNA and maturity in supporting hybrid needs, Mulesoft is the ideal solution to accompany the digital transformation of the company. It is also the reference solution, according to Gartner, to support the evolutions of a digitalized organization.

The following figures show the leadership positioning of Mulesoft's Anypoint Platform solution in the areas of API governance and application integration.


The cloud-native aspect of Mulesoft also allows organizations to remain agile in the face of the distancing of IT and business teams due to current health constraints.

Digital transformation requires the rapid delivery of business value. An integration solution powered by MuleSoft and an organization based on DevOps and ITILv4 principles are the guarantors of this capacity to accompany the digital transformation of the organization.

With MuleSoft's AnyPoint Platform, organizations can easily implement automation and industrialization processes for digital transformation through the deployment of Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines.

These processes allow for the monitoring of the API lifecycle over defined and structured phases:

  • Design
  • Publication
  • Development
  • Deployment and management

At the business level, the establishment of a Centre for Enablement enables organizations to ensure effective governance of APIs and structured construction of the Application Network.


Why MuleSoft ?

MuleSoft is a proven provider of a widely used hybrid integration platform to connect SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premises.

Developers can connect applications quickly and easily, allowing them to exchange data using API-based connectivity and a loose coupling of applications or enterprise systems.

You can re-architect your SOA infrastructure from existing systems, proprietary platforms, and custom integration code to create business agility.


  • Meet your needs for complete API lifecycle management and enterprise integration with MuleSoft's hybrid integration platform.
  • Implement APIs with pre-built integration components.
  • Transform data graphically, ensure quality by composing inline tests, and simplify access through automatically generated portals.
  • Write specially designed secure applications and APIs once and deploy them anywhere.
  • Change environments on the fly, scale as needed, and achieve high availability or reliability without message loss with just a few commands.


  • Optimize investments in legacy technologies.
  • Rapidly deploy new business functionalities.
  • Migrate the technological infrastructure to public or private cloud and favor the adoption of SaaS applications and other cloud technologies.
  • Share IT resources with users inside and outside the company to facilitate collaboration.
  • Users can discover best practices through self-service, which accelerates project implementation and execution.
  • Monitor, secure, and govern all aspects between mobile, cloud, and legacy applications via a single user interface.
  • Provide operational intelligence and real-time business insights through fully customizable dashboards and reports.


MuleSoft provides digital transformation software for clients who wish to deploy new business functionalities in a short period of time. To support the business process, you must either rely on existing IT systems or implement a new application that must integrate with existing systems.

BayBridgeDigital offers the necessary experience to ensure the establishment of a strategic framework for working with MuleSoft products, as well as the technical expertise to implement the plan, so that you achieve the results you expect - clean data, established data governance policies and protocols, and continuous system controls to monitor data quality.

Today's digital enterprise demands speed and agility in data access; new technologies - like SaaS, mobile, and IoT - exponentially increase the number of dynamically evolving endpoints that must be connected. APIs enable companies to extract collected data into coherent and actionable insights that, ultimately, accelerate business outcomes.

BayBridgeDigital's developers understand business objectives, as well as how to plan for and achieve them, through technological solutions like MuleSoft. Our commitment is to help our clients create their best digital experiences, no matter the project complexity.