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Sanofi leverages Salesforce to drive businesswith best in class customer management and experience

Sanofi wanted to assess and create a roadmap for updating and modernising their commercial technical stack including CRM, image recognition, B2B portal, BOS automation, TPM, and BI. They were facing Internal misalignment on strategy, vision, and operation of new commercial model. Ageing and outdated technologies throughout the organization .Varying digital maturity across markets and inconsistent data quality. An urgency for change and transformation especially driven by Covid-19 constraints.

Achievements :

BayBridgeDigital assessed Sanofi’s commercial systems and created a strategic roadmap and implementation plan for their transformation. This centered around a new simplified architecture created using the Salesforce standard, including CG Cloud to leverage FMCG best practices. Also integrated is a TPM solution, OMS, B2B Portal, and Analytics. The rollout includes 32 countries. The strategy is to create a pilot program with heavy vendor involvement and 5 successive waves. With each wave vendor involvement decreases and Sanofi’s internal team becomes more autonomous.