BayBridgeDigital publishes its gender equality index.

Gender equality in the workplace index

BayBridgeDigital publishes its gender equality index.

Our vision

Gender inequality is not only a pressing moral and social issue but also a critical economic challenge. While all types of inequality have economic consequences, at BayBridgeDigital, we focus on the economic implications of lack of parity between men and women. We focus on gender equality in our teams, at management level and at board level since the foundation of the company. Together we create a future where digital technologies lead to more opportunity and equality for everyone.

Our Actions

Women Network

“With our Great Place To Work® label, we are already well ahead of the game on the gender gap. Recently, Emilie Sidiqian, General Manager of Salesforce France, associated us with the "1000 Women in Tech" initiative. This is a movement created by our partner Salesforce that we find very inspiring. We hope to go even further, to provide new opportunities for women in our industry.” Karen Elalouf, Leadership Team Member

The index

This index is based on four indicators measured according to a scale of points defined by decree:

  • Gender pay gap (score 37)
  • Difference in the rate of individual increases between women and men (score 35)
  • Proportion of employees returning from maternity leave who received a raise upon their return when raises occurred during their leave (score 15)
  • Number of women among the ten highest paid employees (score 5)

For the 2021 reporting period, BayBridgeDigital's index is 92 points out of 100.