The world’s rendez-vous for startups & leaders was particularly impressive this year with plenty of innovations and smart technologies. The BayBridgeDigital team did not miss this opportunity and has brought back an array of delights from this fantastic feast of the future !

VivaTech 2021 Report

Unveil The Future @ VivaTech 2021

The world’s rendez-vous for startups & leaders was particularly impressive this year with plenty of innovations and smart technologies. The BayBridgeDigital team did not miss this opportunity and has brought back an array of delights from this fantastic feast of the future !

Featuring Tech for environment, equality, mobility, future of work, space, future of retail and robots, with the participation of the most influential figures in the tech world like Tim Cook andMark Zuckerberg, VivaTech 2021 has presented a wide range of technologies.

This year, space was at the center of the conferences, particularly around the red planet, while the economy of New Space was the subject of debate.

Among the central themes that were highlighted, there was also«Technology at the service of the planet». We have talked about cities connected to be more energy efficient to alternatives to the most polluting sectors.

Another important theme was the future of healthcare, notably with the presentation of the quantum computer (where France has invested 1.8 billion euros).

Through this report, we will come back on the things to remember from VivaTech 2021 in particular concerning the future of retail, AI, robotics, and cloud.


A New Paradigm for Building Autonomous Systems
In a business, a disruption can occur at anytime and from anywhere. The key is to be agile enough to respond. By integrating autonomous systems, your company can better adapt to variations and provide consistent customer satisfaction. At VivaTech 2021, we could see that this type of solution exists. The solutions propose to integrate an AI into your operating system. AI tests millions of scenarios and allAIs monitor process variables and make or recommend adjustments in real time to help you generate consistent quality and reduce waste.

From machine learning to machine teaching

The general idea is that you have a lot of labeled data and by using AI algorithms, you find repetitions in this data which is not instructive.The idea of machine teaching is to avoid this kind of repetition and to progress better and faster.

‘‘Covid is an accelerant’’ - Simon Mulcahy CIOSalesforce
Covid 19 crisis digitized yesterday’s model and understood 3 things about customer expectations:

- Relevance
- Speed and simplicity
- Personalization

If your digital assets or online store is accessible, your e-learning system, and if your services are accessible, you have to go online to access 20% of the population that you couldn’t reach before. The Indian Prime Minister also emphasized that it was «innovation that saved us from covid 19.»

This crisis also enlightened us on the digital imperative. We need to be able to work from anywhere. At VivaTech 2021, we were able to be enlightened about the work of tomorrow.We talk about mixed reality and hybrid work.

Mixed reality allows people in different physical locations to join in collaborative, shared holographic experiences on many different types of devices. Hybrid work is about breaking free from spatial and temporal boundaries to work as he/she wishes, when he/she wishes, where and with whom he/she wishes, all in a single collaborative space. We can also expect the presence of digital coaches based on cognitive sciences to improve interactions in teams via collaborative work tools.

AI for a better world

At Viva Tech, health is at the heart of all the innovations. New technologies have enabled the healthcare industry to make great progress.These advances include connected solutions for medical assistance and remote monitoring, a patch to measure the blood sugar level of diabetics, a new imaging technique to detect skin cancers, a connected headband to measure sleep phases and thus improve the quality of night-time rest but above all to prevent chronic diseases, a box that can determine whether your environment presents a risk to your health.These health-driven innovations will surely change the relationship between health professionals and their patients, empowering them to make more informed decisions and bettering their life quality.


AI for a better world

«The tech sector has created between 150,000and 200,000 jobs in France» - Emmanuel Macron.Thanks to AI, we can say goodbye to biased recruitment and hello to fair AI.During the Indian Prime Minister’s interview regarding the collaboration between India and France on digital development, he said«Innovation can come to our rescue, innovation can help». This is really the idea of VivaTech 2021.New technologies allow us to move forward faster and better. As Simon Mulcahy, CIO Salesforce said, you have to «Innovate to succeed in the new normal».

How you need to make your decision

You must use common sense, anticipate and respond. For this you need to :
- Earn customer data
- Turn data into insights-driven decision making

- Create data culture

How you need to work

You must be a team aligned around the customerby:
- Enabling collaboration around a single source ofcustomer truth

- Enabling continuous learning & development

- Maintaining employee trust & wellness

How you need to engage with your customers

A customer-centric business processes :
- Redesign business process to be customer-centric
- Leverage automation, bots & AI for speed &simplicity
- Innovate at the speed of market changeHow you serve society

How you serve society

A platform for change :
- Put leadership measurement & reporting inplace
- Energize your employees to act
- Make impact easy by simplifying action

How you embrace technology

Leanest possible tech stack :
- Transition from having a “digital” team to beinga digital business
- Data sets, processes & apps for modularity &reuse
- Integrate data into ever-improving singlesource of customer truth


Anticipating the quantum revolution

It is estimated that quantum computing will have a 5.5 billion market share by 2025. It is an emerging technology that will solve complex problems.


The Salesforce solutions has considerably evolved to integrate AI overall and specifically for Retail.

Salesforce AI tool, Einstein uses MachineLearning and Deep Learning to better analyze a company’s data and provide them with recommendations to better manage their processes. For instance, added to the sales process, Einstein can score each opportunity based on criteria of previous closed deals and hence accompany your sales representatives in their tasks, ensuring optimal efficiency.

In Retail specifically, Commerce Cloud helps to realize 1 to 1 personalized shopping experiences with easy-to-use AI embedded across the platform. It tackles retailers’ difficulties on data gathering via analyzing and interpreting the vast amounts of data produced by customers while remaining a no-prerequisite operation.

Bayretail : Digitized customer interactions in store with 360° view of all data

As things are opening up again, UnifiedCommerce is more evident than ever. Bayretailis your go-to Salesforce-Native app that helps retailers deliver a great customer experience to their shoppers. In fact, it allows you to monitor and provide a 360-degree view of a single customer in-store to your staff member. Bayretail provides access to 360-degree customer data as well as a 360-degree view of the brand’s stores and products. Having a360-degree view allows store associates to have a complete view of the customer profile (contact information, preferences, history, overview of key data).
With Bayretail’s unified commerce solution, retailers are assured of improved operational efficiency, time to value, marketing agility, andsales.

Future of the cloud

During the next few years, cloud players will continue to improve their infrastructures, to be simpler and more accessible to all.

14 months after the Pandemic started, the freshly refurbished Parc des expositions of Paris welcomed the 5th Edition of Viva Tech and...What a Show!!!
This was the first hybrid event as it welcomed140,000 visitors from June 16 to 19, with26,000 attending in-person over 4 days, confirming the event’s position as Europe’s biggest startup and tech event.
We could attend insightful key notes from
Tim Cook or Mark Zuckerberg including the presence of President Macron highlighting the importance of Innovation and FrenchTech. But of course it is also about Start-ups with a myriad of incredible innovations.
Many of them around Green Techs like “Grow of incredible innovations.
Many of them around Green Techs like “Grow your own Cloud” which stores data within theDNA codes of plants... For a long time now technology has been inspired from nature like how Butterfly wings inspired smart phone screens for a glare-free display. Somehow this startup is going the other way inserting data within the Plants DNA...
Health is obviously a major innovative landscape with AI Pod, which is literally a remote diagnostic capsule to ease remote consultations, or da Vinci from Intuitive Surgical which proposes robotics for surgeons...
Transportation is also a clear area of investigation with a Taxi Drone from eHang, or the futuristicHydrogen car from Opium Machina.
For sure now Tech is everywhere. Tech evolution will inevitably make a shift in all industries: Data, transportation, Health... The message is clear for everyone: Doing Well & Doing Good.



- Covers key high-tech trends
- Because the whole digital economy is there
- To be inspired by the great leaders of digital :Distinguished guests
- Multichannel experiences: pitches, side events- Talks, tech show, workshop, TechCrunch hackathon, startup battlefield Europe etc

- Huge opportunities to generate leads and discover new potential partners, especially startups.

Next Year: go or not go?

VivaTech is the smartest annual gathering of emerging digital trends and latest high technologies. If you’re looking to stay in the forefront of the Digital Revolution, VivaTech is the place for you. Moreover, after the cancellation of last year’s edition, it is out of question to miss another one! As a game-changing new company, BayBridgeDigital is always ready to unveil the future and inspire acceleration of digital transformation.