We are proud to announce our unwavering dedication to CSR and the innovative initiatives that make us a leader in our field.

Setting the Standard for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Future of Work

Embracing the Changing Landscape of Work

As the modern workforce seeks meaning, values, and impact in their careers, BayBridgeDigital is at the forefront of redefining the concept of work. Younger generations, like millennials, are driven by a desire to grow and develop within their workplaces while aligning their personal values with their professional journey.

Guy Jerusalmi, COO at BayBridgeDigital, recognizes the shifting landscape and comments, "We believe in a future where work is not just about jobs but about personal and professional growth. It's about aligning our values with our daily work, and this is a philosophy that drives us every day at BayBridgeDigital."

Building Trust and Embracing Change

Trust and adaptability are paramount in a world where talent retention is a significant challenge. BayBridgeDigital understands the importance of trust and change. Our approach is in line with the evolving global trend, as demonstrated by top-ranking companies that commit to ethics, diversity, positive management, and a high tolerance for error.

Building a Culture of Trust

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BayBridgeDigital believes in creating a "Great Place To Work." Our commitment to fostering a culture of trust is evident in our practices, where employees experience credibility, respect, fairness, camaraderie, and pride in their work. Trust is fundamental to our success and our employees' well-being.

Innovative CSR Initiatives

At BayBridgeDigital, we go beyond words and into action. Our commitment to CSR is demonstrated through various initiatives:

  • VTO (Volunteer Time-Off): We offer our employees VTO, allowing them to dedicate time to causes they are passionate about, actively participating in making a difference.

  • Gender Balance: We continuously strive to sustain gender balance within our workforce. Our efforts go beyond policies and extend into initiatives that create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and grow.

  • Sustainability: While our offices may not be eco-friendly, we have a dedicated group of consultants with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud certifications, leading our initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and support sustainable practices.

  • Community Engagement: We are actively involved in various community engagement activities, such as supporting local charities, education initiatives, and social causes. Our goal is to be an active, responsible member of the communities we serve.

Collaboration with Great Place To Work®

BayBridgeDigital is proud to work closely with Great Place To Work®, a global authority on workplace culture. We were one of the first companies to take the HumCap audit from Great Place To Work® to evaluate our CSR initiatives. Julien Brezun, Director of Great Place To Work® France, highlights our commitment to creating a culture of trust and the significant impact it has on our organization.

Julien Brezun states, "BayBridgeDigital's dedication to building a culture of trust and embracing CSR initiatives is remarkable. Their commitment to taking the HumCap audit shows their willingness to be at the forefront of CSR, and it's a testament to their efforts in shaping the future of work."

Scaling Up Impact

Our journey towards scaling up our impact goes beyond individual efforts. We are enthusiastic about collaborating with partners, irrespective of their size or origin, to achieve sustainable growth and a positive societal transformation. The future of work is about collective efforts to create a better world.

BayBridgeDigital's commitment to CSR and our visionary approach to the changing world of work make us a leader in our field. As the modern workforce seeks meaning, values, and impact in their careers, we are not only adapting but also pioneering a new era of work where trust, values, and social responsibility are at the forefront. In doing so, we are enhancing our reputation and shaping the future of work for the better.