The Kooples

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BayBridgeDigital enhanced The Kooples' customer service and social media monitoring.

The development of The Kooples online and on social networks has raised many challenges regarding customer relations, customer experience, and e-reputation. The management of customer requests via social networks was sporadic and opportunistic. To cope with the high volume of online submissions, The Kooples wanted to implement a solution that would provide customer service teams with optimized management of customer requests. They, therefore, called on BayBridgeDigital to implement the Service Cloud solution, Social Studio, and the integration of Cégid for a single customer view.


First of all, BayBridgeDigital has made the collaboration between the marketing and customer relationship teams more fluid. Then we optimized the customer experience and the customer relationship. Then we improved the productivity of the teams. We provided them with a 360° vision. The Kooples teams are now able to track key metrics and drive their business. Finally, we monitored e-reputation and content, listened to and analyzed brand-related reactions on social networks.