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BayBridgeDigital helped Jennyfer to optimize their customer experience and customer relations.

The online development has raised many challenges in terms of customer relations, customer experience, and e-reputation. The management of requests was done through a declining solution and the teams did not have a collaboration or analysis tool for the processing of requests.
In order to cope with the high volume of online requests, Jennyfer wanted to implement a solution that would provide the customer service teams with an optimized customer request management tool, and this is where BayBridgeDigital came in.


BayBridgeDigital first of all streamlined the collaboration between the Jennyfer teams. After that, we enabled them to improve the customer experience and relationship. This led to an increase in the productivity of the Jennyfer teams. We then interfaced with Commerce Cloud and retrieved the purchase history. Jennyfer now has a 360-degree view of the customer, as well as a traceability of key metrics and business management.