Forepont Capital Partners

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BayBridgeDigital helped Forepont Capital Partners in the implementation of its CRM.

Forepont Capital Partners was looking for a solution to manage the deal flow in order to invest in the companies & follow the portfolio companies and their valuation, investors and follow up of their commitments in the different funds, a process to identify a target for investment, including funds, co-investors and advisors related to the deal, and finally portfolio management (execution of each company's business plan, valuation through the different rounds and exit strategy).


BayBridgeDigital implemented a fast and functional solution for Forepont Capital Partners. We enabled them to accurately track Deal Flow, Fundraising & Commitment processes. BayBridgeDigital teams helped them centralize the tools within a single platform & single point of access to effectively manage the activity. We also enabled them to track 360 metrics and offered an open solution that provides a secure environment for external users to update their information and collaborate.