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FIBA called on BayBridgeDigital to digitalize its customer engagement model and internal processes

FIBA aimed to reinvent itself and decided to digitalize its customer engagement model and internal processes in order to capitalize on all their data and eventually offer new services to its customers using BayBridgeDigital. Its main objectives were to optimize lead collection and opportunity tracking, to digitalize and accelerate the customer engagement process, from requirement collection to end-to-end assignment management, to automate and harmonize quote creation and assignment sheets, to ensure a better follow-up of internal management and invoicing and finally to leverage the best of new technologies in terms of Artificial Intelligence and customer collaboration.


BayBridgeDigital enabled FIBA to optimize its marketing activities with Pardot solution, enabling effective lead generation and customer and prospect engagement. Created digital currency with Salesforce CPQ technology to harmonize and accelerate the quote creation process and pre-sales cycles. BayBridgeDigital teams implemented a custom CRM solution with Service Cloud to provide 360-degree customer insight and automation of low-value tasks (legal compliance). We have created a solution for tracking assignments and time recording that allows for better monitoring of employee performance and the profitability of assignments. We have integrated, via FIBA information systems, the Sofacto solution allowing the automation of invoicing and accounting entries. Finally, we have defined and implemented dashboards and other reports allowing an informed and personalized steering of the business, from individual employees to the management team.