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Digital Transformation for Fast Retailing by BayBridgeDigital

BayBridgeDigital partnered with Fast Retailing to drive a significant digital transformation, focusing on enhancing the customer shopping experience through personalized in-store purchases and optimized logistics management. This collaboration entailed the implementation of Salesforce Order Management (SOM) and the integration of new processes within the "Client First - Bayretail" framework. The project, spanning over four and a half months, involved intensive collaborative efforts, including workshops with both Fast Retailing and BayBridgeDigital representatives, and crucial support from Salesforce. The primary objectives were to introduce SOM functionalities, refine the e-commerce order lifecycle management, maintain the agility of the information system, and empower in-store employees with improved tracking capabilities through the "Client First - Bayretail" application. This strategic initiative successfully transformed Fast Retailing's operational processes and customer engagement approach, leveraging the robust capabilities of Salesforce technology to enhance the overall retail experience.


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