agnès b.

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BayBridgeDigital's Transformation of Agnès b with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Bayretail.

BayBridgeDigital collaborated with the renowned fashion and luxury brand agnès b. to transform their retail experience through the implementation of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, OMS, and Bayretail. This initiative marked a significant shift in agnès b.'s omnichannel retail e-commerce ecosystem, primarily aimed at enhancing their global presence, particularly in the Asian and Japanese markets which constitute 80% of their turnover. The project's key objectives were to drive business growth by optimizing the O2O omnichannel ecosystem and delivering a seamless commerce experience, expand the customer database, enhance customer experience and personalization, and build customer loyalty. By replacing their existing CMS solution and providing support for e-commerce country websites, BayBridgeDigital aimed to boost e-commerce revenue in Western countries, attract new customers, increase return rates of known visitors, retain new customers, improve conversion rates, and reduce customer acquisition costs. This deep transformation project was pivotal in redefining agnès b.'s approach to customer engagement and revenue growth in the fashion, luxury, and retail industry.