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BayBridgeDigital is a game-changing software company, we are building a suite of digital applications on the Salesforce platform. We connect brands technology and people to create new growth and business value faster.
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Why teams connect with Webflow.

Asynchronous collaboration
Updates and announcements
Training and team building
Experience the power of code. Without writing it.
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Experience the power of code. Without writing it.
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Experience the power of code. Without writing it.
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Export code for download
Add your own code
Cross-browser compatible
A complete platform
Easy edits and publishing
Speed, scale, and security
Define global color swatches
Fine-tune typography
Build layout your way
Create reusable CSS classes
Design responsively
Design with real content

Bayretail Clientelling Solution.

Trailblazing the future of retail with unified commerce.

Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Bayretail helps retailers reinvent their store experience. With its pre-built integration capabilities and out-of-the-box mobile app, it's the fastest way to digitize a store and create “phygital” experiences in weeks rather than months.
Store App
Designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind, the Bayretail app blends in-store and online channels to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers and associates.
Consumer App
With Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, retailers can harness the power of headless commerce. We take care of everything on the front-end to provide shoppers with an exceptional mobile shopping experience, without interfering with the back-end.

Snowflake Data Cloud

We offer our Salesforce customers the best experience and the opportunity to better leverage their data.

Mark data transparency as your top priority.
Transparent data sharing helps different departments and businesses understand how their data is being processed, who is being used, where the data goes, and how it helps companies increase their business value.
We provide you a fast start data pipeline enablement.
Snowflake's Data Cloud enables data storage, processing, and analytic solutions that are faster, easier to adapt, and more flexible. For clients, Snowflake can provide all the functionality of your company's needs.
Optimize your data quality and simplify your data pipelines.
Snowflake's data generation functions allow clients to generate data automatically. The collaboration with BayBridgeDigital ensures that the data is accurate and complete with a built-the-cloud data warehouse.

Health Cloud

With the world’s #1 patient relationship platform, you can get a 360-degree view of every patient, member, employee, and partner.

VIP care service for your patients.
The Salesforce Health Cloud can be used to create personalized experiences, build trust, and deliver accurate information to patients, members, providers, and partners. Personalize your engagement with your patients by offering them 1 on 1 health care services.
Ensure your patient data security.
We offer a secure, single platform for you to save and share your patient data. Ensure encrypted access to patients data information that is always up-to-date with the latest privacy regulations and protocols.
Patient-centric personalized services.
We provide creative and innovative ways to analyze your patients exact needs and how to place them in the center of care. Get engaged with each individual’s profile and easily communicate with your users.

Consumer Goods Cloud

We provide powerful and intelligent digital solutions, so you can get a head start for your company.

Level up your in-store sales by capturing orders online.
Maximize in-store sales with the Consumer Goods Cloud by fulfilling mobile and in person orders. This shop management software allows retailers to improve their strategy and customer experience.
Boost your store planning.
Deliver the right products, prices, and promotions at the right time, and create a stronger connection across the value chain.
The most efficient way to keep audit shelves accurate.
The Consumer Goods Cloud is the most efficient way to improve inventory management, make planograms more efficient, and ensure branded merchandising conformity.

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