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Why teams connect with Webflow.

Asynchronous collaboration
Updates and announcements
Training and team building
Experience the power of code. Without writing it.
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Experience the power of code. Without writing it.
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Experience the power of code. Without writing it.
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Export code for download
Add your own code
Cross-browser compatible
A complete platform
Easy edits and publishing
Speed, scale, and security
Define global color swatches
Fine-tune typography
Build layout your way
Create reusable CSS classes
Design responsively
Design with real content

Sales Cloud

Your revenues are about to skyrocket.

Make every customer a VIP.
Communication is the key to push the connection with your customers to another level. Get better engagement from your customers rapidly, and personalize your relationships with your customers anywhere and anytime.
Reinforce your commercial strategy.
Manage your prospects more effectively, monitor your sales channels more accurately, and automate tasks to make more sales faster.
Win over customers with a few clicks.
With Sales Cloud integration you can use your favorite email application to bring your business practice to a new level. We help you capture and organize all your emails and event data automatically so you can focus on what matters.

Marketing Cloud

Begin a new chapter of your brand’s experience.

Offer memorable customer experiences.
More than just great products, these days customers expect a great brand experience. For this reason, we curate unique experiences for each individual.
Keep up with the customers.
We offer you real-time, personalized customer experiences, and can help you not only have a better understanding of customer needs, but also predict those needs.
Data is everything.
Data is at the core of digital transformation success. Our solution offers a 360 degree view of your customer data and allows you to contact them via a unified CRM platform.

Commerce Cloud
B2B & B2C

Build a fast, simple, and tailored online shopping experience.

Personalized customer journey.
We help you adapt your digital strategy through workshops to better understand your expectations and those of your B2B customers. Our e-commerce experts work with you to help you stay connected and generate more online revenue.
Maximizing your online revenue.
Connect and interact more effectively with your customers. Grow your e-commerce quickly and easily, and personalize it to meet the specific needs of individual industries.
Connect with one click.
Customer 360 degree vision: anytime, anywhere, any device.

Community Cloud

Build a thriving community.

Manage your community.
Measure and analyze metrics of adoption, engagement, and user demographics and topics to promote customer usage.
Create a safe heaven for your customers and partners.
We provide help, information, and qualified support, by personalizing and branding your online community. We create a user friendly environment that reflects your brand and puts your customers at ease.
Build a bridge to your community.
Actions done in Community Cloud are directly linked with your Salesforce CRM. You set the rules and your users follow.

Service Cloud

Be connected with your customers.

Improve customer experience.
Provide your agents a holistic view of every customer to better help them.
Elevate your teams' capabilities.
Empower your customer service team to answer customer questions correctly the first time, anticipate customer needs, and deliver world-class customer service solutions every time.
Focus on customer satisfaction.
We can help you deliver high-quality content and a consistent customer experience that helps your company increase customer loyalty, attention, and revenue.

Salesforce CPQ

Get ready to see your business and your recurring revenues grow.

Increase sales with accurate quotes.
Your sales representatives get to focus on what really matters.
Get reliable estimates from powerful and accurate automations.

Put CPQ in action.
By using CPQ, you can reduce the number of quotes with configuration errors, create packs and select only the right products, and automate the prices and quantities of your products around simple rules.
Segment your quotes over 12/24 months.
A great sales quote system can make your company more efficient and build impressive and reliable results.

Experience Cloud

Allow us to create your experience.

Shape your customer journey.
Create a secure website and apps, and deliver a digital experience to valued customers.
Don't wait, create.
Build your content in one place and deliver it anywhere, to any websites, mobile apps, or portals.
Human-centered design.
By combining our human-centered design approach with Salesforce solutions, we help you deliver a unique digital experience and go beyond customer expectations.

Net Zero Cloud

Use trusted analytics to take action on climate change.

Solve climate change with powerful tool.
By adopting Net Zero Cloud as a solution to measure your association’s impact on the environment, it provides companies with a range of sustainability features. Salesforce offers companies wishing to provide sustainable products or services to reinforce their brand a better transparency on emissions.
Moving one step closer to sustainability.
Salesforce puts sustainability as its core value- combining its other values of trust, customer success, equality, and innovation. This can be a little step for your company, but a big step for the environment.
The answer is simple — data .
Stop wasting your time on understanding how to analyze and report on carbon emission and energy usage data. We provide a powerful tool for your companies to manage and automatically calculate emissions through data, reports and visual dashboards.

Loyalty Management

Foster Customer Loyalty with best CRM solution.

Integrate loyalty programs with one platform.
With tableau CRM for loyalty Management, you can easily integrate customer data platform(CDP). It also allows data flow between multiple clouds, so you can have a better understanding how to set up your loyalty program.
Easy partners onboarding
Partners are given full access to the report to get know the cost of the program in real-time and measure program performance and partner engagement.
Create an end-to-end customer experience.
We are here to assist you in finding out the best personalized experience for your customers and a better solution to put loyalty programs in motion and fulfil customers’ expectations.

Snowflake Data Cloud

Best experience and opportunity to better leverage their data.

Prebuilt architecture and frameworks
As a Snowflake Implementation Partner, BayBridgeDigital helps you evaluate the product, not just implement it. Our Data Jump Start program helps set up a solid foundation for successful Snowflake Implementations. 
Snowflake professional services expert
As a Snowflake professional services expert, BayBridgeDigital follows best practices for all your requirements, including program management, cost and change management, etc., with a strict mandate for timely and quality delivery, every time.  
Iterative Implementation methodology
Our Iterative Implementation methodology helps you quickly derive value from your investment. With each iteration, we focus on business needs, end-state architecture, robust data model, efficient SQL scripts, testing and validation, data security, secured data sharing, reporting needs, integrations, performance, monitoring, and support. As a Snowflake Implementation Partner, we ensure you have an optimal cost-effective data warehouse and Analytics implementation strategy based on workloads or other requirements.   

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