Retail - Art Gallery
Paris, France
SalesForce Clouds
Bayretail ; Marketing Cloud ; Service Cloud
YellowKorner has seen its sales increase thanks to Bayretail and Commerce Cloud.

To combine the power of automation and the emotion of our galleries, YellowKorner leverages Bayretail to bring the experience to the next level. A must-have app.

When YellowKorner decided to work with BayBridgeDigital they had 3 challenges in mind. First, they wanted to create a better and more personalized customer shopping experience, they needed to create a customer segment to send customized content and product. And finally, they wanted to centralize the creation of email & SMS content, their sending, and the follow-up of the KPIs related to these actions.


YellowKroner and BayBridgeDigital managed to tackle all of the challenges that were raised. And having implemented Bayretail, Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud allows Yellow Korner to have a high-end personalized shopping experience for their customer and can manage their communication on one and only tool. 

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