Teddy Smith
Retail - fashion
Albi, Midi-Pyrenees, France
SalesForce Clouds
Commerce Cloud , Marketing Cloud
Thanks to Commerce Cloud and our exquisite website design, Teddy Smith has seen its benefits increase.

BayBridgeDigital brings our digital marketing and e-commerce strategy to a next level.

When Teddy Smith contacted us with needs to implement their digital marketing and set up e-commerce strategy, we see they have a large under-exploited potential. They want to establish the image of the brands, gaining market share, revitalize the whole company by implementing a digital team.


By implementing Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud, Teddy Smith made personalized E-commerce strategy deginition and organization (team, recruitment, logistics, electronic banking). By working with our 4 full-time developpers and SFRA implementation, we have degsigned two different websites for Teddy Smith, which allows to provide a personalized shopping experience.

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