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Cdiscount assesses its Salesforce instances to streamline and scale.

BayBridgeDigital has a strong Salesforce knowledge, flexible to meet customer’s constraints and their advices overpassed our expectations.” - Anthony Pavon, Nearshore Service Center Manager

Cdiscount had several Salesforce projects running in parallel. They had a need to provide IT managers with a view of the number of projects and a deep understanding of their Salesforce landscape. Cdiscount also needed to prepare for the creation of its own Salesforce service desk and the transfer of knowledge from current integrators.


BayBridgeDigital gave IT managers a clear picture of the scope of Salesforce in their IT landscape. BayBridgeDigital also gave Cdiscount the ability to decide to insource Salesforce services because of the insight into the maturity of the project, the support required, and the nature.